ADC Conjugation

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ADC Conjugation

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are innovative biopharmaceutical products
in which a monoclonal antibody is linked to a small molecule drug with a stable linker.


(Antibody Drug Conjugate)

LOTTE BIOLOGICS has committed to the investment of $80 million for the establishment of an ADC facility within the Syracuse site. The expansion is expected to be completed by Q4 2024, with GMP approval being targeted for Q1 2025.
This facility is designed to enable the production of clinical and commercial ADC products. Our staff has over 18 years of experience in DS manufacturing for antibody/protein production, enabling the provision of flexible and optimized manufacturing services for successful ADC conjugation.

Process Flow
  • ★Advantage of using Single Use Bioreactors
  • Reduced risk of exposure to toxic compounds for operators

    Reduced quantities of toxic waste streams from the cleaning process

  • Reduced implementation time in production due to elimination of cross-contamination concerns

  • Reduced analytical effort for cleaning verification

DS Manufacturing

  • Flexible and optimized manufacturing
  • 18+ years of producing antibodies/proteins
  • 120+ batches / year
  • 62+ regulatory approvals
  • Scale-up, process development, analytical testing

ADC Platform Development

LOTTE BIOLOGICS plans to establish a service dedicated to offering platform technology for ADC through joint development with Kanaph Therapeutics.
This platform is expected to improve conjugation yield and stability through enhanced solubility, as well as being able to accommodate multiple linkers and payloads.
Also, LOTTE BIOLOGICS partners with NJ Bio to provide optimized ADC services with process/analytical capabilities and linker-payload synthesis.
LOTTE BIOLOGICS plans to provide ADC one-stop service in the Syracuse Site.