Manufacturing Services

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Manufacturing Services

LOTTE BIOLOGICS offers cGMP manufacturing services for the clinical and commercial supply of biological Drug Substance.

Commercial Manufacturing

Through the capabilities of our Syracuse and Songdo sites, we are capable of producing commercial pharmaceuticals.

  • Syracuse Site
    5,000L Stainless Steel Bioreactors x 8
  • 40,000L

  • Songdo Site
    15,000L Stainless Steel Bioreactors x 24 (Expansion planned)
  • 360,000L

Clinical Manufacturing

Through the operational capacities of the Syracuse and Songdo facilities, LOTTE BIOLOGICS is capable of manufacturing commercial pharmaceuticals.

  • Syracuse Site
    1,100L Seed Bioreactors x 4
    + 140L Seed Bioreactors x 4
  • Songdo Site
    Multiple 2,000L Single-Use Bioreactors (Expansion Under Review)
Upstream Process
  • Vial Thaw
    • Cell Culture
      (Mammalian cell based)
    • Cell Expansion
    • Production
    • Clarification or Harvest
    • Centrifugation
Downstream Process
  • Product Capture
  • Purification
  • Bulk Fill