LOTTE BIOLOGICS is dedicated
to improving the lives of patients worldwide
as a leading global CDMO.

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Established in June 2022, LOTTE BIOLOGICS is rapidly expanding its business with the goal of becoming a global Top 10 CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization).

Through the successful acquisition of the Syracuse biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility of the globally renowned Bristol Meyers Squibb (BMS), located in New York, LOTTE BIOLOGICS was able to enter the CDMO market within just 8 months.

With the vision of “Delivering Therapies that Enable a Healthier World,” LOTTE BIOLOGICS aims to provide ‘end-to-end’ CDMO services to clients, from the early stages of development to clinical and commercial production.


Vision and Mission

Delivering Therapies that
Enable a Healthier World.

Through the highest standards of quality and innovative
technologies that reliably deliver benefits to patients worldwide,
LOTTE BIOLOGICS aims to become to most trusted partner in the industry.

Core Values

  • Inspired by Science
  • Embracing Diversity
  • Fostering Talent
  • Connecting Lives

Corporate Philosophy

The primary goal of LOTTE BIOLOGICS is to enhance the health of end users, the patients.
By concentrating on improved patient outcomes, LOTTE BIOLOGICS aims to make a positive impact on global quality of life.

Philosophy 1
To realize these objectives, the leadership team is committed to adhering to the highest standards in collaboration with partners who align with the company's core values. Emphasis will be placed on maintaining loyalty to partners, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to meet global standards in manufacturing. This includes sustainable clean energy, automation, artificial intelligence, and quality systems.
Philosophy 2
Boldness, decisiveness, and agility will characterize the approach when a need for change or innovation becomes evident.
Philosophy 3
LOTTE BIOLOGICS upholds the principle of enriching the lives of its diverse workforce and their families through the establishment of a secure work environment where individual rights are accorded utmost respect. It is committed to offering career paths that are both secure and fulfilling. Employees, in return, will be committed to ensuring quality output by taking personal responsibility for their roles in the quality process.
Philosophy 4
To safeguard the interests of partners and end customers, LOTTE BIOLOGICS will maintain stringent security and confidentiality protocols concerning both organizational and client data. LOTTE BIOLOGICS is committed to attaining the highest standards of customer satisfaction through the guaranteed delivery of high-quality products.

Focus will be placed on building the long-term value of
LOTTE BIOLOGICS for investors and stakeholders by exceeding performance goals.



Established in 1948,
LOTTE has grown to become one of the largest conglomerates in Korea.
LOTTE operates a diverse range of business units, including petro/fine chemicals, food, retail, hotel, construction, and IT. LOTTE maintains a presence in 30+ global locations across the US, Europe, and Asia.