in the production capabilities
and quality of its manufacturing facilities

Syracuse sit

Syracuse Site (New York, USA)

The Syracuse facility possesses the capacity for 40,000 liters of Drug Substance manufacturing as well as storage and quality control.

The facility is fully GMP operational with clinical and commercial capabilities.
The facility has received more than 60 approvals from global regulatory bodies including FDA, EMA, PMDA, and MFDS.

Songdo sit

Songdo Site (Incheon, Korea)

LOTTE BIOLOGICS plans to establish "LOTTE BIO CAMPUS" in Songdo, Incheon by 2030, constructing a total of three plants with a capacity of 360,000 liters.
Each plant will be capable of producing 120,000 liters of Drug Substance, and the addition of a small-scale bioreactor facility of 2,000 liters to accommodate clinical needs is currently under consideration.

Additionally, the plants will be capable of handling the "Fill & Finish" process, aiming to provide a one-stop service for the production of pharmaceutical products.